17 Oct 2017

Benefits of Schedule Message Feature of Text My Main Number: Landline Texting Solution

Benefits of Schedule Message - Landline Texting Solution
The Landline texting solution offered by Text My Main Number has an array of features which will empower your business operations and communication system. One of the amazing features offered by this landline texting solution is: Schedule Messaging.

What is Schedule Messaging?
You can schedule SMS or MMS to be sent to a customer or staff. The message will be sent on predefined date and time and will be shown as sent from your landline number.

Key Utilities of Schedule SMS:
  • Event reminder
  • Payment reminder
  • Important date reminder
  • Appointment reminder
  • Critical deadline notification
  • Important alerts
  • Greetings and Wishes on special days and festivals
  • Occasional Tips or message to stay in touch with customers
  • And more
Key Benefits of Schedule SMS:

1. Reduced Number of missed appointment and payment:
You can send one or more reminders about an appointment or outstanding payment date. This will help your customers to remember the appointment and billing dates. This will reduce the number of no shows in scheduled appointments. Also, it will help in collecting payments on time.

2. One less thing to worry about
Once the SMS is scheduled you don’t need to worry about it. It will be delivered on predefined date and time without fail. You can now focus on other tasks without getting worried about it.

Save Time and Improved productivity
With usage of schedule message feature of this landline texting solution, you won’t need to check dates and details for each customer and send them reminder daily. All you need to do is dedicate a few hours of the day and schedule messages for all customers for a week, 15 days, 30 days or all the dates which you have in records in one go. Then, you don’t need to do these daily messaging activities. You’re sorted! This will definitely save a lot of time and increase productivity.

Better Customer Relationship
Each customer cherish when they are taken care of. With the scheduled SMS feature, you not only send them reminders and notifications to make their lives easier with dates, but also send greetings and occasional messages to nurture the relation. This will play a vital role in happy customer base making.

Improved Business
Decreasing no show up in scheduled appointments and getting paid on time will take first essential steps to decrease efforts and increase business. Furthermore, improved productivity will give better returns over investment of time, efforts and money. Last, but not the least, happy customers not only pay back with repeat business, but also bring the referral business for you.

Value Added Benefit
As you’re using the landline texting solution for schedule messaging, you will leverage brand benefits because your customers will receive messages from your landline number which will amaze them because this is new technology. It will contribute in arousing curiosity which will result in word of mouth publicity and brand benefits.

Would you like to know more about how this schedule messaging work and what are the other offered features and benefits of the landline texting solution? Would you like to experience these benefits, claim your risk free trial today by contacting us!  
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