04 Mar 2017

What Is Landline Texting? What Is Business Texting Service?

According to the AT&T Market survey, the business texting has registered the growth of 300% in the past year. The business texting which is also known as landline texting is the future mode of communication. Almost 40-75% of consumers in the USA have shown their interest in using this viable communication tool. Still, there are a few people who are unaware of this whole concept. Today, we are sharing, an overview of Landline texting and business texting service for you.

What is Landline Texting?

This is a new way of communication offered by the business and store owners to their staff and customers. You can enable your landline number(s) and/or toll free number(s) to send and receive text messages (SMS) and MMS. You can also respond to these received messages manually or automatically. These messages can be read and responded using a user friendly user panel.

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