15 Aug 2017

Top 7 Benefits of Landline Texting for Insurance Agencies

Landline Texting Benefits for Insurance Agency USA
Landline texting is gaining popularity among various businesses due to its amazing features. This article talks about the top 7 benefits of landline texting for insurance agencies.

1. Automates Communication
The insurance agencies need to answer commonly asked questions repetitively. The landline texting solution makes this commonly asked question answering automated. How? Well, the landline texting solution offered by Text My Main Number has two advanced messaging features, namely:
  • Auto reply and
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response) system
Both, of these features make texting automated. The customers of the insurance company can send an SMS to Landline of the company to get answers of their queries such as address, directory information, nearest branch, working hours, etc. and the landline texting system will respond the SMS automatically.

2. Makes Communication Faster
The insurance agency might need to send a same message to many insurance holders at the same time. The landline texting solution can be used to group people who are holding same policy (or on any other criteria) and send group message to all of them with a single click by using ‘Send SMS to Group’ feature. This makes communication faster than before.

3. Track Communication/Text Conversation
The landline texting solution provides reports of each texting conversation happened using the platform. One can filter and export responses, too. This makes communication tracking easier and faster compared to texting happened on cell phone in which we need to go through multiple personal and professional messages to find a communication. The landline texting solution ensures to keep professional messages separate and tractable.

4. Improve Staff Productivity
When an insurance agency uses Landline texting solution, the customers can use texting for their queries. Any one executive can respond to these messages and he can respond to multiple people at the same time. This keeps agents and other staff available for other important and productive tasks. This increases the staff productivity by almost 200%.

5. Improved customer Satisfaction
According to the surveys, texting is the preferred mode of communication for a majority of the US audience and specifically, for millennia. The reason is texting is the convenient communication mode. The people don’t need to stay engaged or on call queue for a conversation. Thus, integration of landline texting in the business model can improve customer satisfaction as they will get preferred mode of communication. Plus, they will feel attended promptly.

6. Brand Benefits
The landline texting allows an insurance agency to receive text messages over a landline or toll free number. There are very less insurance agencies in the USA who use this amazing communication channel. This would create buzz and help you to get word of mouth marketing and establish your insurance company as a Brand who adopts advanced solutions and tools.

7. Increased Revenues
As everything, client satisfaction, staff productivity, streamlined communication, marketing, so on and so forth, turns into the right direction, the business starts growing. The insurance agency can increase their revenues remarkably.

The above mentioned 7 benefits for Insurance agencies are key benefits one may leverage from landline texting. There is a wide range of benefits insurance companies can gain by using this advanced mode of communication.

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