26 Sep 2017

Top 5 Reasons That Prove Importance of Business Texting

10 Reasons of Importance of Business Texting
Texting has brought a new revolution in the business world. It is paving its way in many businesses as an effective mode of communication. If you are still wondering why you should use messaging as one of the communication mode, then, this article will share top 10 reasons to use texting in your business as one of the communication mode:

1. It’s a viable mode of communication
Everyone loves to get a direct short message instead of a long formal email or interruptive call. This is a preferred mode of communication by many, especially, millennial loves it.

2. It gives a competitive edge
Even if texting is the most viable mode of communication, there are only a few businesses that actually use texting as one of the business modes of communication. You can get a competitive edge by making it part of your business communication ecosystem. Even if your competitors are already using it, the usage of it in your business will ensure you don’t stay behind.

3. It allows you to provide personalized experience to your customers, staff and business network
Everyone likes to get a personalized response and quick attention which can be given using the texting solution. Here, you make people realize, they are not just a data of your customer database, but you actually care for them. Texting can work as one of the most effective ways to give the best possible customer experience and also works remarkably in lead nurturing.

4. It removes barrier of communication due to its fast nature
Texting is fast and short! The receiver doesn’t need to take extra steps to respond or click on different things. Also, the receiver doesn’t need to stop leaving the original task on hand. They can quickly send a short text back and get back to their work. This nature of SMS and MMS make them a more preferred mode of communication and bring the highest open and response rate.

5. It is cost effective and saves on resources as well
Texting is cheap and doesn’t require a huge involvement. In fact, there are solutions which allow using mass messaging, group messaging, automated reply and similar features which help businesses to save time, efforts and resources which can be utilized in other productive activities.

The businesses can move a step ahead by using business messaging aka landline texting service. The landline texting allows businesses to send and receive messages over a landline or toll free number. This helps in keeping the single contact number, plus keeping personal and professional messages separate.

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