27 Mar 2018

Top 5 Benefits of SMS Solution for Your Business

Benefits of SMS Solution for Business
Do you own a business and want to reach more and more people with every passing day? Then, you should definitely implement an SMS solution for your business. If you don’t listen to what your customers are saying, you will find yourself in an unpromising situation. However, if you want to create a solid relationship with your customer, you don’t only have to communicate effectively with them, you have to make sure they feel valued, as well as, heard. This is exactly where an SMS solution comes into play. It is relatively more cost-effective than other marketing methods and is guaranteed to set the right tone for your customers to communicate. Now, let’s see how texting can help your business grow:

1. It’s a direct channel
There is no doubt that SMS is easy to use. You can send real-time or scheduled messages to potential customers informing them about your products and services. What’s more, text messaging has a read rate of about 97% within 15 minutes of delivery! Isn’t that great?

2. Save time
Now, who doesn’t like to save time? This is especially true for businesses where there is a lot of work to finish in time. An SMS solution for businesses has a bulk SMS feature. You’re able to send quick messages to multiple people with a single click. Now, isn’t that something that can help with productivity and time management? To add, there’s an SMS scheduling feature that lets you schedule messages to be sent to your customers at your time of choice.

3. Increase customer engagement
Are you launching a new product? Or, is there a sale going on? With landline texting, you can send notifications, alerts, including reminders, to your customers with ease. This allows you to engage with them in a far better way. Are you aware that your customers actually prefer it? That’s right, studies show that 75% of people like offers sent to them via text(but no more than two per month), including notifications and delivery updates.

4. Monitor, track and improve, with response data
You can write one message and send it to a group of opted in people with contact groups and group messaging. Monitoring delivery rates, identifying customers’ engagement, and tracking meaningful ROI – all these can be done with an SMS solution. Additionally, you can create more in depth targeted campaigns and at the same time build a better understanding of your contact database using these analytics. Texting also helps you target interested customers via other marketing channels.

5. Personalized Communication
Yes, you read it right, SMS can be personalized too! Depending on your clients purchasing behavior or preferred choices, you can choose to send specific messages that are tailored to create further interest and brand recognition.

Landline texting is an advanced and effective SMS Solution for businesses. It is extremely beneficial and convenient, as it enables a business to use its main existing phone number to text with vendors, staff and customers.

What are you waiting for? Get a landing texting solution for your business now and watch your business grow! Get in touch!  
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