21 Nov 2017

Top 3 Benefits of Landline Texting for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Top 3 landline texting benefits hospitals
Landline texting benefits all industry verticals and healthcare industry is not left behind. There are many hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities which are getting benefited by the landline texting service for the healthcare industry.

This article shares top 3 benefits of the landline texting solution for hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities:

1. Automates healthcare appointment scheduling process
The process of setting up an appointment consumes considerable amount of time and can be a tedious process. Of course, there is a possibility of using the mobile or web applications, but it would be expensive as it needs capital investment. On the contrary, the hospitals can use ‘Appointment Scheduling’ feature available in the SMS to Landline solution which makes appointment scheduling easier, faster and automated. A patient needs to send a predefined message to check available appointment slots and with another SMS, he can book an appointment on his preferred timeslot. The system will also update the appointment calendar so the doctor can get an update about the scheduled appointment.

2. Decreases no show-up ratio
The landline texting solution has features which can be used to send automated reminder message to patients about their appointment. This ensures that the patients remember their appointment and come on time, which will decrease no show-up ratio dramatically to benefit the hospital and the medical facility.

3. Reduces communication time on the phone to increase productivity
The hospital staff gets tied up in answering queries of the patients. Generally, the queries are commonly asked questions. The landline texting service comes up with features which remove the human interaction and automate process of answering commonly asked questions. There is a specific feature in the SMS to Landline solution, namely, “Group Message”. This feature allows you to create a group of contacts and send an SMS in one go to all people in that group. This saves a lot of time by removing the process of calling or texting individual patients.

The landline texting solution has many more features to empower any hospital in a way that it can improve revenues and strengthen its communication. Check below video for a quick understanding of more benefits bestowed by the landline texting service to a hospital or a medical facility:

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