Make Communication Convenient With Text To Landline Solution for Recovery Center

Sometimes, life takes a serious move and people end up in a position seeking help! Unfortunately, more than 50% of people hesitate to speak about their rehabilitation needs.This is where SMS can help. SMS is a quick and convenient mode of communication, which can be used anonymously and in numerous public or private situations.

It’s important for treatment centers of all sorts to provide this ability for the people they are helping. SMS is proving to be an incredibly effective mode of communication for people seeking medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

How Text My Main Number's Texting to Landline Services for Recovery Centers Works?

  • Subscribe to our landline texting service by filling in this simple form
  • Once text-enabled, people in need can send texts to your businesses main phone number
  • The doctors and staff can provideconsultation via texting

Who can use our text to landline services?

Any small to big recovery center can use this solution to integrate SMS as a mode of communication.

  • Alcohol treatment
  • Drugs treatment
  • Tobacco addiction treatment
  • Smoking compulsion treatment
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Suicide counseling
  • Depression counseling
  • Obesity counseling and treatments
  • Crisis hotlines
  • National Dating Abuse Hotline
  • Sexual abuse counseling
  • National Human Trafficking Resource Center
  • Emergency services and counseling

Utilities of SMS / MMS Solution for Rehab Centers:

Patients and people in need can use this SMS solution by sending a text to an existing public and printed hotline or main business phone number of a recovery center. Some of the key utilities of this texting solution for patients are listed below:

  • To ask for quick help
  • To have an anonymous conversation
  • To get counseling
  • To ask for advice
  • To book a personal appointment
  • And more

Key utilities of our Text to Landline Solution for recovery centers are listed below:

  • To provide first-level therapy
  • To have a conversation to make the patient comfortable
  • To have discussions with multiple patients at the same time
  • To send reminders of upcoming appointments
  • To send invoices and reminders
  • To send regular motivational or therapeutic messages for continuous care to people seeking help
  • To restart the conversation from the point it was left
  • To keep track of all conversations
  • To analyze patterns
  • And more

Key Benefits of Landline Texting Service for Recovery Centers:

  • Add anonymity and convenience
  • Remote access to messages sent over existing businesses landline
  • Keep communication cost low
  • Provide regular counseling
  • Remove communication barriers
  • Automate communication
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Provide work life balance to staff

Key Features of our Texting to Landline Service for Recovery Centers:

  • Text enabled landline/toll-free number
  • GUI- Web based user panel
  • Import/Export Contact
  • Contact Management
  • Contact grouping
  • Bulk SMS/MMS
  • Auto response
  • Multiple chat windows
  • Schedule message
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Remote system access
  • Multiple users
  • Easy subscription
  • No hidden charges
  • Reports
  • API Access
  • White label solution
  • And more

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