Text My Main Number: Text To Landline Solution Features

Text to Landline Solution enables businesses to use its existing landline or toll-free number for text messaging. It provides a wide range of never seen before features, which makes it standout among all other SMS or landline texting solutions.

Personalize your communication; improve work-life balance and save money in communication with this advanced texting landline solution.

Remote Access through Web Based User Panel

An easy to use GUI based web solution empowers you to use this powerful advanced text to landline solution from anywhere, at anytime.


Send and Receive text messages with your existing landline number.


Send and Receive picture messages with your existing landline number.


Send a message containing both text and picture messages,with your existing landline number.

Contact Management

Add, edit and store contacts in our text-to-landline solution, just like your mobile phonebook. Import and Export contacts any time!

Contact Grouping

Put contacts in one or more Groups based on different criteria.

Business vCard

Export contacts or groups with our SMS Business vCard for easy and enhanced access to your contacts!

Scheduled Texting

Schedule outbound SMS and / or MMS messages to be sent ahead of time.

Bulk Messaging

Choose stored contacts or groups or add numbers manually and send texts and / or picture texts to multiple people in one go!

Group Messaging

Send alerts, notifications and announcements to group(s) of people in one go!

Auto Reply

Automate texting with keywords of your choosing, all with your existing businesses landline. Send automated repliesbased on specific keywords texted to your business, with your ability to enable or disable during specific times and days.

Off-hours Auto Reply

Generate automated text response to answer messages received during off hours or holidays.


Use the chat widget to enjoy quick texting with your contacts.

Multiple Chat Window

Enjoy multiple chats with different people at once.

ITR (Integrated Text Response)

Set multi-level automated reply with our ITR feature. A great feature for collecting data and running surveys for your business.


Create a sub-user with permission-based access and features toour landline texting solution.

Custom Signature

Personalize your messages with a customer signature to be included at the end of each SMS and MMS.

Custom Fields

Add additional fields to store extra information for your contacts.

Message Templates

Store and use frequently used text formats to save time. Great for common questions and quick and easy outbound messages.


Forward all text messages to one or multiple emails of your choice.


Forward all messages sent to your business to your native SMS app on your smart phone. Reply from your smart phone, and disguise your personal caller ID with your business caller ID.


Receive real-time system and web notifications for each incoming message.

API Access

Integrate our text-to-landline solution with your existing system.


Use our complete White Label Solution.

White-label Agency

Use our complete White Label Solution to brand and sell to clients.

White-label Operating Company

Use our complete White Label Solution to brand and sell to Agencies.

Availability of USA Number(s)

Non-US number users can get a USA number to use landline texting

Global Availability

We offer landline texting service worldwide.

Call To SMS

Use your keypad on your phone to send predetermined templates via text to callers during live phone calls.
(Text My Main Number Phone Service is required)


Provide prompts on IVR to send predetermined templates to callers via text.
(Text My Main Number Phone Service is required)

IVR To SMS Text Live

Provide prompts on IVR to initiate live text converstaions between your company and callers.
(Text My Main Number Phone Service is required)

Free Support Service

Get prompt support from professional customer care specialists.

Our text to landline solution is much more than just an SMS Solution for Business.

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