10 Oct 2017

SMS to Landline Solution for Hotel Business Empowerment

SMS To Landline Empowered Hotels
Texting is the most preferred mode of communication for today’s audience and hospitality business is all about catering customers in their preferred mode so add a flavor of most preferred and convenient communication mode of communication, messaging, to your hotel business. Use Hotel SMS To Landline solution which will text enable your Hotel’s landline number to send and receive text messages. This will ensure your hotel staff don’t need to distribute their private contact number and can manage all communication using the hotel’s main line. This will help in keeping personal and professional messages separate and bestow all other benefits coming with this.

Landline Texting Solution features’ Utilities for Hotels are listed below:
  • Auto Reply: Respond to most frequently asked questions automatically without any constant human intervention.
  • Request via SMS: Allow your guest to request room service, beverage, laundry and other requests using messaging.
  • Wake up call: Allow guests to raise a request for a wake up call by sending a simple message.
  • Contact Grouping: Group guest, staff and vendor contacts based on the common characteristics to send message to all members of a group with one click.
  • Schedule SMS: Schedule message of greeting, reminder, booking, checkout, etc. by scheduling it so it can be sent without fail.
Key Benefits of Hotel Landline Messaging Solution:
  • Improve hospitality with a limited staff: With usage of landline texting solution, you can keep your hotel staff free to answer queries and concerns of the guest at the hotel which will contribute in better hospitality.
  • Increase response time: The frequently asked questions can be answered automatically so your callers don’t need to wait in long call queue. They can get quick answers.
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved work life balance of hotel staff
  • Increased business
Still not sure how this SMS To Landline solution can help your hotel business? Check this short video:

Our executives can help with more details and benefits of the landline messaging solution for hotel. Contact us for more details.    
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