Schools Remove Communication Barriers Using Messaging Services To School Main Number

Schools are one of those organizations which need constant communication with the different entities including, teachers, students, parents and other staff. Our Text My Main Number service removes the barriers in the communication, and help in carving a better future for students. The students or parents can use this flexible and one of the most convenient way of communication by sending SMS/MMS to the main number of school.

How Text My Main Number Services For School Works?

  • Each school has a main landline number. A few schools also have an emergency or counseling numbers to support students in emergency situations. By using our SMS service for school, you can enable one or more landline numbers of the school, which can then be able to receive and send text messages
  • Your students and their parents can send text message(s) to those numbers to stay in touch with the staff regarding updates or other concerns
  • The teaching staff or an admin can take care of those SMS from our GUI based admin panel and take specific action

Key Utilities of Landline Texting Service for USA Schools:

By enabling the business messaging service to school landlines you will enable your students to:

  • Ask their study related inquires
  • Check their exam schedule
  • Check the status of their result
  • Ask for help in case of emergency or depression
  • Ask for help with assignments

The parents can send SMS/MMS to the school landline to:

  • Check the performance of their child
  • Check exam schedule, assignment, work report, etc.
  • Check attendance
  • Ask for feedback on their child
  • Check status of admission

The staff of the school can also send SMS/MMS to students and parents to make them aware of:

  • Launch of new study programs
  • Change in exam schedule
  • Any emergencies, holiday declaration, or change in school policy
  • When school payments are due
  • Upcoming events
  • And much more

Key Benefits of Text Messaging Service to School Main Number:

  • Consolidated communication between students, teachers and parents
  • Contribution in transparent education system
  • Quick tool to communicate in case of emergency
  • Allow staff to keep their personal and work message separate
  • Easy to reach masses
  • Improved education system
  • No app or software installation required
  • And more

Key Features of SMS/MMS to School Main Line Service:

  • One or more landline number integration to send/receive SMS
  • Remote access to system with web panel
  • Bulk SMS
  • Group messaging
  • Auto response mode on/off
  • Scheduled messaging
  • User friendly admin panel
  • Contact grouping
  • Contact list
  • Export/Import contacts
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Message scheduling
  • Multiple user support
  • Easy subscription
  • No hidden charges
  • Real time support
  • Reports
  • And more

Our SMS service for school main landline number will open the way for better communication and better education.

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