Restaurants Are Imparting Better Customer Satisfaction and ROI with Texting Services to Main Number

Restaurants have the variety of foods and deal with even more variety of customers. Competition is fierce in this industry. Thus along with giving the best hospitality experience, the restaurants also need to implement tools to cater the customers with best in the industry services. Our Text My Main Number Services for restaurants can work as one of the most vital tools of customer communication. Our SMS services for the restaurant landline will empower your customers to send SMS to the main number of your restaurant.

How Text My Main Number Services for Restaurants Work?

  • Using our SMS service, you can enable one or more landline numbers of the restaurant to send and receive text messages
  • Now, your customers can communicate with you by sending the text message to your restaurant’s main number
  • Your staff can cater the customers and their requests based on the availability and demand from our GUI admin panel

Key Utilities of Restaurant SMS Service To Main Line

Your customers can use this SMS service to main number of restaurant to send text message for variety of purposes such as:

  • Ordering food
  • Ask for delivery at home
  • Inquire about item of the day
  • Booking a table
  • To request a takeaway packet
  • To check the availability of certain item
  • To know your specialty
  • To check the menu
  • And many more

Your staff can also use this SMS service to main number for serving the clients by responding their queries or for other purposes like:

  • Offering coupon code for discount
  • Sending details of special event
  • Making the customers aware of upcoming food festival at restaurant
  • Providing details of nearby restaurant braches of your food store chain
  • Announcing launch of new food item or restaurant branch
  • And many more

Key Benefits of Texting Services for Landline of Restaurants:

Any small to big restaurant can earn a plethora of benefits by this futuristic customer catering service, which enables the SMS services to the main number of the restaurant.

  • No app installation required
  • No long call waiting time for customers
  • More flexible communication option of SMS
  • Customers can place order on the go
  • Increased orders
  • Quick response time
  • Branding
  • Better utilization of restaurant staff and other resources
  • Easy to manage system
  • Improved Return over Investments

Key Features of Restaurant Main Number SMS Services:

  • Send/Receive SMS on landline number by enabling it
  • Any number of Landline enabling allowed
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Unlimited SMS
  • MMS
  • Remote Access
  • Contact book
  • Existing contact import
  • Auto response
  • Canned response
  • And many more

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