Landline Texting Services for Medical Facilities: To Stay Available Whenever Needed

“Health is wealth” proverb has a meaning of life in it. Rich or poor all come across a situation where they need a medical facility and expert opinion for a healthy life. Here, it is important to provide the medical consultancy in real time and hassle-free. The healthcare industry can use our Text My Main Number Service to provide quick responses. We offer easy to use SMS services to the hospitals, which allow the patients and their family members to send text message to the landline number of the hospital.

How Text My Main Number Services for Hospital Landline Works?

A small medical clinic or a multi specialty hospital can use our text messaging services to provide the flexible medical services to their patients and family members. It works as below:

  • You may enable one or more landline numbers of your hospital by using our services
  • The patient or family member of the patient can send a text message to the landline number of the hospital
  • The hospital staff can access and respond to the SMS from our easy to use GUI based user panel

Utilities of SMS/MMS Services To Main Line for Healthcare Industry:

The hospitals or clinics can use this SMS/MMS service for patients, in which patients can send SMS/MMS to perform different activities such as:

  • Ask for the first aid tip
  • Ask details about the available medical facilities at the hospital
  • Check available appointment slots
  • Check confirmation for appointment
  • Check status of the medical test
  • And more

The hospitals can also use this service for activities like:

  • Sending appointment confirmation
  • Asking patient to collect their reports
  • Sending SMS to provide first aid tips
  • Answering quick queries of patients
  • Providing details about hospital, staff and other details
  • Sending regular reminders for next appointment
  • And more

Key Benefits of Landline Texting Service on Main number of Medical Facilities:

The healthcare industry can leverage many benefits by enabling this business messaging services to Landline and make their medical facilities available to the needed one in real time.

  • Quick and flexible way to connect the patient and medical staff
  • Remote access
  • Remove communication barriers
  • Provide Medical assistance in real time
  • Provide quick counseling
  • Stay in connected with patients
  • No app or software installation
  • Earn brand benefits
  • And more

Key Features of Texting Services To Landline for Medical Facilities:

  • Text enable medical facility, hospital, clinic landline/toll-free number
  • Import/Export Contact
  • Contact Management
  • Contact grouping
  • Bulk SMS/MMS
  • Auto response
  • Message scheduling
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Web based user panel with GUI features
  • Remote system access
  • Multiple user support
  • Real time support
  • Easy subscription
  • No hidden charges
  • Reports
  • And more

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