Law Firms Leverages Maximum Benefits With Landline Texting Services

Attorney consulting and related services might be needed by anyone these days. The SMS service to the main line of the law firm would provide a quick and favorable way of communication between the clients, lawyers and other staff of the law firms. In fact, by using the text messaging services to landline numbers of law firms, you may keep your  lawyers’ available to take care of other serious matters in spite of calls. An executive may stay in touch with the clients and prospects to provide them in time reply. Our Text My Main Number Service for law agencies has been appreciated by many due to a plethora of benefits offered by this service as well as our flexible work approach.

How Text My Main Number Service for Law Firms Work?

To make the working approach easier and to respond to the customers in real time, the law firm can subscribe to any of our SMS service for landlines package, which is the best fit to their requirements. Based on the chosen package:

  • One or many landline numbers of the physical office(s) of the law firm will be enabled to send/receive text messages
  • Clients, attorney officers, concerned law departments, etc. can send SMS to the landline number of the law firm
  • The sent SMS will be received in the GUI based admin panel
  • An assigned executive may take care of the received messages and respond accordingly
  • The law firm executive can also send the message to customers and lawyers for a variety of reasons

Key Utilities of SMS/MMS to Main Line Service for Law Firms:

A law firm may utilize this service to accomplish many tasks in an automated and well managed way such as:

  • Sending reminder SMS of next hearing to the client
  • Sending reminder for the required paper for the case
  • Providing brief of expert service areas such as:
    • Domestic issues
    • Tax issues
    • Professional issues
    • Divorce cases
    • Property dispute
    • And more
  • Receiving/ responding to general inquiry of customers and prospects
  • Sending due fees reminder
  • Schedule a meeting for discussion
  • Sending details of the new enforced law
  • Keep staff of law firm updated with any recent change or news
  • And many more

Key Benefits of Text Messaging to Landline Service for Law Firm Office:

A law firm can have many lawyers and clients. Moreover, the life of a lawyer is busy solving the cases.  It would be difficult to keep track of messages. Here, the SMS service to the main number of law firm can be really beneficial. Here are a few key advantages listed:

  • Keep your lawyers available to take care of the more crucial issues
  • Provide quick response to customer/ prospect queries
  • Keep your customers updated with the new law regulations
  • Easy way to send reminders for upcoming meetings, hearings and fees
  • Provide better communication option to customers and staff
  • Access of system anytime, from anywhere
  • SMS history
  • Maximized revenues
  • And many more

Key Features of Business Messaging Service for Law Firm:

  • Remote access of system using web based admin
  • Any number of landline integration to send/receive SMS
  • Mass SMS/SMS
  • Scheduled SMS/MMS
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Multimedia Message Service (MMS)
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Remote access to the solution
  • Contact list import/export
  • Contact grouping
  • Auto and Canned Reply
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Throttle concurrent messaging
  • Multiple user support
  • No deadlock in contracts
  • Flexible subscription models
  • Real time support
  • Reports
  • And more

To discuss about our service of sending SMS to the main office number of a law firm, please contact us.

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