05 Dec 2017

Landline Texting to Make Your Landline Smarter

Smart Landline - Landline Texting
Email and phone communication were very effective earlier, but, with a change in lifestyle and preference, the people have changed their preferred mode of communication as well. According to a survey result, 64% of consumers prefer a business that offers texting for communication.  Don’t you think you should let your customers contact you the way they want to? You can not only allow them to use texting as a mode of communication, but also make your landline smarter to use it for texting.

Wondering, how?

With Landline Texting Service!

The landline texting is a technological advancement, which allows you to use your landline in a smarter way. You can text enable your landline or toll free number to send and receive SMS and MMS. Once your line is text enabled, you and your customers can enjoy texting 24*7. You will be empowered to communicate with your customers via SMS from the phone numbers your customers know, your main landline or toll free number.

The landline texting can be used remotely with its web based solution, so no barriers in the communication. This is not it. The landline texting solution comes with a range of business features which can be used in favor of your business.

Key features of SMS to Landline aka Landline texting solution are listed below:
  • Contact management
  • Contact grouping
  • Auto Reply
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Mass messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Schedule messaging
  • Message templates
  • Multiple users
  • Custom signature
  • Reports
Text My Main Number is leading business messaging service provider and can help you in the process of making your landline smarter. Contact us to get a free demo and a risk free trial account.
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