29 Aug 2017

Landline Texting Empowers Support Service in 3 Ways

Support Center Landline Texting
Landline texting is getting popular day by day due to its amazing benefits. So many companies have recently text enabled their office and business main line as well as toll free numbers so they can take benefit of SMS to Landline solution. This article will share how you may take benefit of landline texting for offering the best support service.

Set Auto Reply for frequently asked questions
There can be a few common issues which occur due to some minor change at client side. Or there can be some common situations where you need to collect important information from customers. Here, you may take benefit of the Auto Reply feature of Landline Texting. You can set automated response to send possible troubleshooting and issue fixing steps to the customer. Also, the automated response can be used to collect basic and vital information for support process. Furthermore, a receipt message of the received concern always contributes in better customer relationship and a sense of getting attended immediately. Please be noted, this message can be sent using the auto reply feature of business texting.

Handle multiple customers at the same time
Texting is more flexible mode of communication. Here, your customer support executive can respond to more than one customer at the same time while your technical team is working on the issue. This way you can take benefit of increased productivity.

Keep your customers well informed
If your support center doesn’t serve 24*7, then you can take benefit of Holiday SMS feature of landline texting. This feature will allow you to send an automated response to your customer while you are not available. Also, you can pass any important message to help them to fix the issue temporary or connect with some executive, in case of emergency.

These are top 3 utilities of landline texting for customer support service. This usage will help in increasing customer satisfaction as well as revenues of the company. We can share more benefits of landline texting in favor of your business. To learn more, contact us.
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