05 Sep 2017

Landline Texting Empowers Salon Business with Greater ROI and Zero Risk

Landline texting empowers Salon Business - Text My Main Number
Salons and Spa are one of those businesses who need to stay in touch with their customer. Also, they need to deal with the massive communication need along with their routine tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant and putting for attending calls would be expensive or not really productive. If you, as a Salon owner would do this task on your own, this would either cause discomfort for the customer waiting for your attention at the service center or results in missing an important call from a customer who might be looking for an appointment booking. The possible option is to utilize texting as a mode of communication so you can give full attention to the customers present at your Salon, and later respond to the received messages when you get free. This is what a majority of salon owners does.

But, is it a good practice? Can you do something better to improve customer experience?

Yes! Try Landline Texting for Salon.

The landline texting for Salon is a monthly subscription based service which text enables your salon landline number to send and receive text messages over your landline number. Also, it comes with a wide range of features which can improve the overall communication and customer satisfaction. How? Let’s explore.

Auto Response Feature
It automatically answers the frequently asked questions to the received SMS. This gives prompt response to the customer which improves customer satisfaction by having a sense of immediate care.

Appointment Feature
Make the whole task of appointment booking automated with this feature. Now, salon customers can text to see available timeslots and book an appointment as per their convenience. Nobody from Salon needs to stay involved in the process of appointment scheduling.

Schedule SMS
Need to send some important reminder, or message to a customer. Schedule the message and it will be sent on its own at the predefined time.

Mass Messaging
Stay in touch with your customer by sharing some hair care tip at least once in a month. Send SMS from landline number with a single click to all your customers in one go. You may also group your customers into different groups and send a message to a specific group of customers.

Enjoy work life balance
Keep the professional and personal messages separate. So when you need to relax in off working hours, have a freedom to not getting professional SMS.

Keep each professional message tractable
Want to see the last conversation done with a customer? Check the report for his number and see the texts exchanged with his number. You may check month wise reports, inbound texts, outbound texts, etc. This makes professional communication easy to track.

Improved Brand Benefits
Your customers will definitely find the SMS to Landline unique and interesting which will make them talk about you with their network. As this communication channel is new in the market and there are not many salons using it, this will give you a competitive edge. You can now see your Salon is getting into the list of those salons and businesses who stay in pace with the technological advancements.

Wondering, it will be expensive? Not at all! You can get it at as low as 29 USD/Month. Check the rate card here: http://textmymainnumber.com/rate-cardpricing/. Moreover, you don’t need to do any kind of capital investment in your salon in terms of installation or change of landline. The landline texting for salon can be subscribed on monthly basis without any long term contract.

Not sure yet? Then, try 30 days risk free trial account. If you find it will, subscribe to the monthly landline texting service. Call/Text to 1.800.7973167 for more details of the free trial or any other query. Alternatively, drop an email to info@textmymainnumber.com.
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