Top 3 Benefits of Landline Texting for Recruiters

Top 3 Benefits of Texting for Recruiters - Text My Main Number
As a recruiter, you may already know engaging candidates is quite a great deal. Millennials these days are always on the lookout for jobs that not only match their values, but also make them feel satisfied. Communicating with the millennials is of extreme importance. Do you think you are using the right tool to communicate with them and have you tried texting? Do you know texting is a preferred mode of communication?

Landline texting will not only let you leverage all benefits of texting, but will also bestow some amazing benefits. Text-to-landline provides a simple and effective way to reach candidates in a practical, authentic and fast way. Not convinced yet? Let’s provide some reasons.

1. Easy for recruiters
Landline texting for recruiters is of great help. It is convenient and offers a faster as well as a clearer communication with the candidates. With a texting to landline solution, recruiters don’t need to call the candidates again and again, as they can touch base easily with a quick text and finalize a good time for an interview or meeting.

2. Increased response rate
Want your message to be read? Go for landline texting. It’s almost be guaranteed that your textwill be read, considering SMS has a 98% read rate, with 95% of these texts being read within 3 minutes of being sent. As landline texting is quick, convenient and easy, chances are that you will get a lot of response from job applicants. If reports are accurate, almost 75% of job applicants who are presently employed are considering a job change. Most of them probably cannot take your call because they are at work during business hours. Here comes landline texting to your rescue. With a texting to landline solution, you can communicate with these candidates any time, which would otherwise be quite difficult.

3. Speed advantage
Speed does matter! And this is where landline texting works much better than emails and phone calls. It is true that when it comes to reaching job applicants, calls and emails are still useful. However, landline texting works much faster. Texts are read quickly and in most cases, within the first couple of minutes. In case of emails, they can take days to read if they don’t land in the spam folder. In case of phone calls, there are many people out there who do not take calls from unidentified numbers. So it can be said that both emails and phone calls are not the perfect way to communicate with a candidate. With landline texting, you get to reach qualified applicants quickly whenever there is an opening. After all, that’s what you want as a recruiter, isn’t it? This is exactly where Landline texting service for a Recruitment Company comes into play.

Landline texting is an excellent tool that you definitely want to add to your recruitment strategy. This is helpful for not only the recruiters, but also the job applicants. Landline texting makes sure that the communication between candidates and recruiters works well. It increases the overall effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the recruiting process – right from the start to the end. Do give it a shot and see how landline texting can enhance your recruiting experience. For more details and a free demo, contact us now!
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