12 Sep 2017

Landline Texting: A Revolution in Business Communication

Landline texting revolution in business communication
Texting has always been an effective mode of communication. It works remarkably well to convey a message to the consumer compared to any other mode of communication. The reason is as per the study results, each text message is opened and read within 3 minutes of its receipt which is way faster than other mode of communication such as email, fax, etc. Yes, an audio call can be faster to reach the next person, but it often ends up reaching a VM. Thus, the texting is one of the best modes of communication since its inception and getting more popular at the moment when people have started leaving the busiest lives. Also, when it started getting considered to be rude an unprofessional to call without permission in the US, messaging can be more professional to convey message in short, which can even ask for a suitable time to have a call.

The Landline texting come up with an innovative and effective idea of utilizing this responsive nature of texting in favor of businesses. Also, it comes along with many advanced communication features which takes this texting communication to the next level and benefits any business remarkably. The major benefit is, here, your business number is getting distributed for texting instead of personal mobile number which can get changed or can keep your phone buzz even in leisure time. The landline texting keeps business communication separate from personal communication and bestow many other related benefits.

The landline texting comes with a concept of sending the SMS to Landline. In simpler words, it allows a business to use its main office landline number or toll free number for texting purpose. It can be used to send and receive text messages (SMS) as well as picture messages (MMS). This can be achieved by text enabling a landline number or a toll free number of the business to send and receive text messages. The landline texting service provider can do it within 24-48 hours at a nominal cost. Also, the service provider offers a range of other features which can be used in favor of the business in the same cost.

For your reference, we, Text My Main Number, offer landline texting service which ranges from 29 USD to 195 USD/Month and comes along with a range of features. Also, our service includes free support services during working days and hours. You may try landline texting and experience our client centric approach by booking a free demo and 30 day risk free trial account.

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