Landline Texting Service To Insurance Company Landline Introduced New Business Growth Model

Life is uncertain and people take this fact very seriously these days. Thus, people have started securing the future of themselves and their family by opting for different insurance coverage. The insurance companies need to understand this tidal wave in the industry. They need to make sure to provide the advanced services to their customers so they can stay ahead of their competitors. Our Text My Main Number Service for insurance agencies provide a flexible and convenient tool of communication to your customers. How? Your agent may get changed or the customer might lose the number of the agent. However, the main number of  the insurance office is always handy, as it can be found on the insurance brochure or a hording in the street. The customers get a permanent number to stay connected with the insurance agencies.

How Text My Main Number for Insurance Agency Work?

  • The insurance company can use our service to receive the SMS on the main number of their office
  • The SMS sent by the insurance holders or a prospect will be received on our web based admin portal
  • The insurance agent or assigned staff member may check the messages and respond back, which will be received as an SMS on the receiving end on their phone.

Utilities of SMS/MMS Service to Landline for Insurance Agencies:

The insurance companies USA may utilize this business messaging service in many beneficial ways. Using this service, they can:

  • Receive/respond to inquiries regarding new policies
  • Receive/respond to queries related to any existing policy
  • Send reminders for due policy premium payment
  • Send brief of newly launched policy
  • Send details of any new law enforced
  • Send greetings for client relation management
  • Scheduling an appointment for discussion
  • Inquire for insurance claim process
  • And many more

Key Benefits of Text Messaging Services To Main Number of Insurance Agency:

  • A Predefined number for receiving all important messages
  • Easily manage the customer communication
  • Easy way to connect with clients
  • Convenient communication option for customers and prospects
  • No call hold time for customers
  • Communication in real time
  • Better customer support
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Increased leads
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved ROI

Key Features of Landline Messaging Services To Main Number of Insurance Office:

  • Text-enable Unlimited landline number
  • Web based user panel with attractive GUI
  • SMS/MMS Auto reply
  • SMS/MMS Scheduling
  • Canned and Auto Reply
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • HIPAA compliant
  • MMS Facility
  • Mass SMS Sending
  • Contact Management
  • Import/Export contacts
  • Contact grouping
  • Multiple user support
  • Easy subscription process
  • No hidden charges
  • Support, as and when needed
  • Reports
  • And more

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