How Enabling Landline To Receive Text SMS Can Benefit Your Business More over Having Live Chat Tool?

Do you have a live chat window on your business website? Does it really help your customers with the information they want?   Consider a case (which happens almost every day): let’s consider that you are handling the live chat thing on your website. You launch the window, type your question (“Hello! How can we help you?”) And wait for the response from the other end. The site visitor starts typing something, but he/she has not yet sent it. On your end, you can see that he/she is typing something but don’t know what. You are getting bored and start thinking of the tasks you could do simultaneously. You get distracted, start doing something else and after some time, you realize that the customer might have asked something. You check the live chat window and what you see is – he/she has already typed a qualifying question ten minutes ago. Now what? That person might have left your website by that time.   Your customers might have to face the same problem, perhaps every day! To solve this and retain your customers, we have a solution. Text My Main Number is a business texting service which enables a landline number to send and receive text messages. It’s been the best communication tool for your businesses. Let’s see how!  
  • Text My Main Number will enable your landline to send and receive the SMS and as we all know texting is the most convenient communication option for many people. Text My Main Number helps you easily manage the SMS/MMS sent to and from the landline number.
  • Your customer can continue with his/her work after asking you a question by sending you an SMS. No need to glue to the computer or mobile screen awaiting the response.
  • Likewise, your staff can answer their queries and get back to their work instead of stuck with the screen
  • An employee can handle multiple customers at once.
  Here are the benefits of using this business texting service over live chat:
  • This service enhances your customer satisfaction.
  • It also helps you increase your staff’s work efficiency.
  • It saves your time and resources which can be utilized for more crucial tasks.
  • This service simplifies the overall communication of your business.
  • It lets your customers reach you through just a text message.
  • Your staff doesn’t have to use their personal numbers to help the customers. This increase the employee satisfaction.
  So if you too want to have benefit from such time-saving communication tool and improving clients and employee satisfaction ratio, reach us here and know more! You may also get 30 days free trial y contacting us now!
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