19 Dec 2017

How to Handle Business Communication during the Holidays?

Handle business communication in holidays with landline texting
Holiday season has started and there will come a time when you don’t have enough staff to attend customer calls and messages. Also, there comes a time when you go for holidays, which means probably nobody to respond customers. Well! Business can’t shut down completely. Also, you don’t need to give up your holiday mood. You can handle business communication during the holidays with a landline texting solution. Yes, the landline texting solution can assist in taking care of your incoming message in multiple ways.

Let’s see how it will assist you to handle communication during holidays:

Use Scheduled Auto Reply Feature
The landline texting solution comes with a feature called Auto Reply, which respond to the incoming messages automatically based on the keywords in the SMS. You can set this “Auto Reply” feature for all incoming messages. Furthermore, the advanced landline texting solution such as, one provided by Text My Main Number allows you to set the specific day(s) and hour(s) during which you want to use this feature. It means you can specifically mention for what days of the week or hours of the day, you want the auto response get into action. This will ensure to respond to each incoming message when you and your staff are not available.

Use Forward to Phone Feature
The landline texting service text enables the business main line and that is the number used for messaging. Still, you can receive these messages over your mobile number. This will ensure to receive each SMS even when you are not in the office by your landline.

Use Forward to Email Feature
If you want to make sure the messages reach you or an executive even when you are not available. You can enable “Forward to Email”. This feature will forward each SMS to the predefined email address.

Respond Remotely
The landline texting aka SMS to Landline solution is a web based solution which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It means you don’t need to stay by your landline to take care of messages. You can manage it remotely using the web application. It means if you want to ensure each message is taken care of manually or at least reviewed by you/your staff, this is possible even when you are closed during holidays.

Use Bulk Messaging Feature
It is always good to keep your customers informed about nonworking days due to holidays. You can send bulk messages to each client to inform about holiday off. You can take benefit of the group message feature to send personalized message according to a group.

These are different ways to handle communication professionally during holidays. We can assist you in text-enabling your landline and using the landline texting solution at its best. For more details, contact us!
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