Hair Salons Meet SMS/MMS Service To Main Number For More Engaging and Flexible Business Model

Now a days, the style is less of a matter of choice and more of a necessity.To look professional in a business meeting; or to look gorgeous in a friend’s wedding; or to look hot in the club while hanging out on the weekend, a good look is a must. Hair is one of the major characteristics needs to be considered for good looks. Thus, business of hair salons is at a peak. Our Text My Number is business messaging solution, which strengthen the  business model and customer relationship, by allowing the customers to send SMS/MMS to the main landline number of the hair salon

How Text My Main Number for Hair Salon Works?

This is an advanced communication tool which will make the communication hassle-free between the customers and salon staff. How? Let’s explore this in brief:

  • Enable your one or more landline numbers to send and receive text messages by subscribing to any of our available packages
  • Get access of exhilarating and advanced messaging features with an easy to use web based admin panel
  • Allow your clients and staff to send you SMS
  • Manage, respond and send messages from the admin panel

This will provide a very convenient way for your customers because now, they can contact you anytime they want and you may reply without making them wait on call lines.

Key Utilities of SMS/MMS Service On Main Line of Hair Salon:

The main number of your salon used is handy and easily available to customers and future customers. So they can use it to send SMS to check:

  • Available appointments
  • Available hair treatments
  • Rates of different services
  • Types of hair style or highlights you offer
  • Availability of particular hair stylist
  • Request to schedule an appointment
  • Give feedback
  • And more

The salon staff can also send SMS to customers for a variety of reasons such as:

  • To confirm the appointments
  • To provide answers of customer’s queries
  • To provide brief of new beauty treatment
  • To send a reminder of next hair job appointment
  • To share tips for better hair
  • To send special offer details
  • To communicate internally
  • To share new hair styles or looks
  • And much more

Key Benefits of Business Messaging Service To Landline of Hair Salon:

The text and multimedia messaging services for the hair salon achieves  success by creating better customer service and revenue generating business model. Here are a few key benefits of Text My Main Number, messaging services to the landline of Hair salon:

  • Quick response to customer queries
  • No call waiting for customers
  • More convenient option for communication for clients
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • No appointment cancellation
  • Quick way to stay connected with clients
  • Advanced tool of customer relationship management
  • Increased customer base
  • Improved ROI

Key Features of Landline Texting Solution To Main Number of Hair Salon:

  • User friendly web based admin panel
  • Access to messages 24*7 from anywhere
  • Unlimited landline number enabling to receive/send SMS/MMS
  • Bulk SMS/MMS Service
  • Contact management
  • Customer contact grouping
  • Import/Export contacts
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Auto response
  • Canned response
  • Schedule SMS
  • Multiple concurrent SMS
  • Multiple user support
  • Rapid response
  • Reports
  • Easy subscription
  • No hidden charges
  • Real time support
  • And more

We would love to assist you in the process of decision making. Contact us for more details.

To start taking abundant benefits of our SMS services for Hair Salon, check our rates and subscription packages here

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