Crisis Hotline Texting Service- A Gateway to Overcome The Emotional Crisis

It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  This is what our Text My Main Number service for crisis hotline numbers does. Our Text messaging service will allow people in need to send an SMS/MMS on the landline number of the crisis support centers. There are a number of instances where people come across some emergencies or serious problems that hinder their confidence and ultimately lead them to the emotional crisis. In such situations, Crisis Hotline comes to rescue, which helps the people to overcome from such devastating conditions. Our Crisis Hotline Texting Service makes sure that those people can quickly get the support they are seeking without much bother.

What is Text My Main Number for Crisis Hotline All About and How Can It be Utilized?

It is a universal fact that when someone is seeking help or counseling, direct communication is something not that always convenient. Texting can be the most convenient option to start the discussion.

  • By using our Text My Main Number service, the crisis hotline can be enabled to receive a text message
  • The people seeking emergency help or counseling can send an SMS to the landline of crisis help center
  • Our crisis hotline SMS service provides the flexibility to people that they can send an SMS to the Landline phone of the crisis hotline number. Here the crisis can be anything such as:
    • Domestic violence , rape ,or substance abuse
    • Accident
    • Emergency Attack
    • Emergency Health Issue
    • Coping up with depression

The crisis support center can offer free text to landline service to the people by enabling their toll free number to use our Text My Main Number Service. No special mobile app download is required. One can approach the crisis management team for any help just through an SMS. Thus, just by dropping an SMS to the crisis hotline main number, people can be reached for the immediate consultation! With our Text to Crisis Hotline service, we can eliminate the barriers and make the team reachable quickly.

Utilities of Crisis Hotline Texting Service for Main Number:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling/support groups
  • Medical attention and hospital accompaniment
  • Legal/criminal justice system advocacy
  • Crime victim assistance or advocacy
  • Community education
  • Professional education
  • Casework/practical assistance
  • Emergency shelter
  • Volunteer opportunities

Benefits of Crisis Hotline SMS Service for Landline:

  • Easy messaging service
  • Easy to reach the crisis team
  • Save more lives
  • Stay available in real time
  • No special application required
  • Providing better and more efficient support
  • Faster response to service queries

Key Features of Texting To Crisis Landline Number Service:

  • Easy to use and Web based user panel
  • Enable office landline or toll free number of crisis hotline
  • Unlimited/Subscription based text messages
  • Simple messages
  • Mass messages
  • Scheduled messages
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Contacts
  • Contact grouping
  • Multiple user support
  • Canned and Auto Replies
  • Scheduled Reply
  • Quick responses
  • No hidden charges
  • Real time support
  • Reports
  • And many more

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