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17 Oct 2017

Benefits of Schedule Message Feature of Text My Main Number: Landline Texting Solution

Benefits of Schedule Message - Landline Texting Solution
The Landline texting solution offered by Text My Main Number has an array of features which will empower your business operations and communication system. One of the amazing features offered by this landline texting solution is: Schedule Messaging.

What is Schedule Messaging?
You can schedule SMS or MMS to be sent to a customer or staff. The message will be sent on predefined date and time and will be shown as sent from your landline number.

Key Utilities of Schedule SMS:
  • Event reminder
  • Payment reminder
  • Important date reminder
  • Appointment reminder
  • Critical deadline notification
  • Important alerts
  • Greetings and Wishes on special days and festivals
  • Occasional Tips or message to stay in touch with customers
  • And more
Key Benefits of Schedule SMS:

1. Reduced Number of missed appointment and payment:
You can send one or more reminders about an appointment or outstanding payment date. This will help your customers to remember the appointment and billing dates. This will reduce the number of no shows in scheduled appointments. Also, it will help in collecting payments on time.

2. One less thing to worry about
Once the SMS is scheduled you don’t need to worry about it. It will be delivered on predefined date and time without fail. You can now focus on other tasks without getting worried about it.

Save Time and Improved productivity
With usage of schedule message feature of this landline texting solution, you won’t need to check dates and details for each customer and send them reminder daily. All you need to do is dedicate a few hours of the day and schedule messages for all customers for a week, 15 days, 30 days or all the dates which you have in records in one go. Then, you don’t need to do these daily messaging activities. You’re sorted! This will definitely save a lot of time and increase productivity.

Better Customer Relationship
Each customer cherish when they are taken care of. With the scheduled SMS feature, you not only send them reminders and notifications to make their lives easier with dates, but also send greetings and occasional messages to nurture the relation. This will play a vital role in happy customer base making.

Improved Business
Decreasing no show up in scheduled appointments and getting paid on time will take first essential steps to decrease efforts and increase business. Furthermore, improved productivity will give better returns over investment of time, efforts and money. Last, but not the least, happy customers not only pay back with repeat business, but also bring the referral business for you.

Value Added Benefit
As you’re using the landline texting solution for schedule messaging, you will leverage brand benefits because your customers will receive messages from your landline number which will amaze them because this is new technology. It will contribute in arousing curiosity which will result in word of mouth publicity and brand benefits.

Would you like to know more about how this schedule messaging work and what are the other offered features and benefits of the landline texting solution? Would you like to experience these benefits, claim your risk free trial today by contacting us!  
10 Oct 2017

SMS to Landline Solution for Hotel Business Empowerment

SMS To Landline Empowered Hotels
Texting is the most preferred mode of communication for today’s audience and hospitality business is all about catering customers in their preferred mode so add a flavor of most preferred and convenient communication mode of communication, messaging, to your hotel business. Use Hotel SMS To Landline solution which will text enable your Hotel’s landline number to send and receive text messages. This will ensure your hotel staff don’t need to distribute their private contact number and can manage all communication using the hotel’s main line. This will help in keeping personal and professional messages separate and bestow all other benefits coming with this.

Landline Texting Solution features’ Utilities for Hotels are listed below:
  • Auto Reply: Respond to most frequently asked questions automatically without any constant human intervention.
  • Request via SMS: Allow your guest to request room service, beverage, laundry and other requests using messaging.
  • Wake up call: Allow guests to raise a request for a wake up call by sending a simple message.
  • Contact Grouping: Group guest, staff and vendor contacts based on the common characteristics to send message to all members of a group with one click.
  • Schedule SMS: Schedule message of greeting, reminder, booking, checkout, etc. by scheduling it so it can be sent without fail.
Key Benefits of Hotel Landline Messaging Solution:
  • Improve hospitality with a limited staff: With usage of landline texting solution, you can keep your hotel staff free to answer queries and concerns of the guest at the hotel which will contribute in better hospitality.
  • Increase response time: The frequently asked questions can be answered automatically so your callers don’t need to wait in long call queue. They can get quick answers.
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved work life balance of hotel staff
  • Increased business
Still not sure how this SMS To Landline solution can help your hotel business? Check this short video:

Our executives can help with more details and benefits of the landline messaging solution for hotel. Contact us for more details.    
26 Sep 2017

Top 5 Reasons That Prove Importance of Business Texting

10 Reasons of Importance of Business Texting
Texting has brought a new revolution in the business world. It is paving its way in many businesses as an effective mode of communication. If you are still wondering why you should use messaging as one of the communication mode, then, this article will share top 10 reasons to use texting in your business as one of the communication mode:

1. It’s a viable mode of communication
Everyone loves to get a direct short message instead of a long formal email or interruptive call. This is a preferred mode of communication by many, especially, millennial loves it.

2. It gives a competitive edge
Even if texting is the most viable mode of communication, there are only a few businesses that actually use texting as one of the business modes of communication. You can get a competitive edge by making it part of your business communication ecosystem. Even if your competitors are already using it, the usage of it in your business will ensure you don’t stay behind.

3. It allows you to provide personalized experience to your customers, staff and business network
Everyone likes to get a personalized response and quick attention which can be given using the texting solution. Here, you make people realize, they are not just a data of your customer database, but you actually care for them. Texting can work as one of the most effective ways to give the best possible customer experience and also works remarkably in lead nurturing.

4. It removes barrier of communication due to its fast nature
Texting is fast and short! The receiver doesn’t need to take extra steps to respond or click on different things. Also, the receiver doesn’t need to stop leaving the original task on hand. They can quickly send a short text back and get back to their work. This nature of SMS and MMS make them a more preferred mode of communication and bring the highest open and response rate.

5. It is cost effective and saves on resources as well
Texting is cheap and doesn’t require a huge involvement. In fact, there are solutions which allow using mass messaging, group messaging, automated reply and similar features which help businesses to save time, efforts and resources which can be utilized in other productive activities.

The businesses can move a step ahead by using business messaging aka landline texting service. The landline texting allows businesses to send and receive messages over a landline or toll free number. This helps in keeping the single contact number, plus keeping personal and professional messages separate.

To know more about the business messaging service and how it can help your business further, contact us. You can also get benefit of 30 day risk free trial of this business messaging solution.
19 Sep 2017

How SMS To Landline Solution Works?

How SMS to Landline Solution Work
SMS is one of the most popular modes of communication to send a quick update, alert or information. However, sending and receiving messages over a personal mobile phone number can be a huge inconvenience due to various reasons. The SMS to Landline solution is a professional and advanced approach of business messaging. If you are unaware how it works, let us explain it to you.

The SMS to Landline is a SAAS (Software As A Service) based model which works on a new approach of texting over a landline or toll free number. The landline texting service provider text enables your landline number. That allows you to send and receive SMS (text message) and MMS (picture message) using your landline or toll free number. Also, you will get a web based user panel or a mobile app to access the SMS to landline solution. This platform or app can be used to send and receive messages and manage your contacts, groups, reports, etc.

This business messaging solution comes with a wide array of features to consolidate your business communication with the usage of texting. Also, the packages start at very affordable rates and on a monthly subscription basis. For example: the basic package of SMS to Landline solution offered by Text My Main Number starts at 29 USD/Month with unlimited texting feature. Moreover, we offer 30 day free trial and lifetime free support service to our customers.

Want to know more about SMS to Landline Solution? Let us give you a free demo of the product. To book a free demo or 30 day free trial, contact us NOW!
12 Sep 2017

Landline Texting: A Revolution in Business Communication

Landline texting revolution in business communication
Texting has always been an effective mode of communication. It works remarkably well to convey a message to the consumer compared to any other mode of communication. The reason is as per the study results, each text message is opened and read within 3 minutes of its receipt which is way faster than other mode of communication such as email, fax, etc. Yes, an audio call can be faster to reach the next person, but it often ends up reaching a VM. Thus, the texting is one of the best modes of communication since its inception and getting more popular at the moment when people have started leaving the busiest lives. Also, when it started getting considered to be rude an unprofessional to call without permission in the US, messaging can be more professional to convey message in short, which can even ask for a suitable time to have a call.

The Landline texting come up with an innovative and effective idea of utilizing this responsive nature of texting in favor of businesses. Also, it comes along with many advanced communication features which takes this texting communication to the next level and benefits any business remarkably. The major benefit is, here, your business number is getting distributed for texting instead of personal mobile number which can get changed or can keep your phone buzz even in leisure time. The landline texting keeps business communication separate from personal communication and bestow many other related benefits.

The landline texting comes with a concept of sending the SMS to Landline. In simpler words, it allows a business to use its main office landline number or toll free number for texting purpose. It can be used to send and receive text messages (SMS) as well as picture messages (MMS). This can be achieved by text enabling a landline number or a toll free number of the business to send and receive text messages. The landline texting service provider can do it within 24-48 hours at a nominal cost. Also, the service provider offers a range of other features which can be used in favor of the business in the same cost.

For your reference, we, Text My Main Number, offer landline texting service which ranges from 29 USD to 195 USD/Month and comes along with a range of features. Also, our service includes free support services during working days and hours. You may try landline texting and experience our client centric approach by booking a free demo and 30 day risk free trial account.

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05 Sep 2017

Landline Texting Empowers Salon Business with Greater ROI and Zero Risk

Landline texting empowers Salon Business - Text My Main Number
Salons and Spa are one of those businesses who need to stay in touch with their customer. Also, they need to deal with the massive communication need along with their routine tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant and putting for attending calls would be expensive or not really productive. If you, as a Salon owner would do this task on your own, this would either cause discomfort for the customer waiting for your attention at the service center or results in missing an important call from a customer who might be looking for an appointment booking. The possible option is to utilize texting as a mode of communication so you can give full attention to the customers present at your Salon, and later respond to the received messages when you get free. This is what a majority of salon owners does.

But, is it a good practice? Can you do something better to improve customer experience?

Yes! Try Landline Texting for Salon.

The landline texting for Salon is a monthly subscription based service which text enables your salon landline number to send and receive text messages over your landline number. Also, it comes with a wide range of features which can improve the overall communication and customer satisfaction. How? Let’s explore.

Auto Response Feature
It automatically answers the frequently asked questions to the received SMS. This gives prompt response to the customer which improves customer satisfaction by having a sense of immediate care.

Appointment Feature
Make the whole task of appointment booking automated with this feature. Now, salon customers can text to see available timeslots and book an appointment as per their convenience. Nobody from Salon needs to stay involved in the process of appointment scheduling.

Schedule SMS
Need to send some important reminder, or message to a customer. Schedule the message and it will be sent on its own at the predefined time.

Mass Messaging
Stay in touch with your customer by sharing some hair care tip at least once in a month. Send SMS from landline number with a single click to all your customers in one go. You may also group your customers into different groups and send a message to a specific group of customers.

Enjoy work life balance
Keep the professional and personal messages separate. So when you need to relax in off working hours, have a freedom to not getting professional SMS.

Keep each professional message tractable
Want to see the last conversation done with a customer? Check the report for his number and see the texts exchanged with his number. You may check month wise reports, inbound texts, outbound texts, etc. This makes professional communication easy to track.

Improved Brand Benefits
Your customers will definitely find the SMS to Landline unique and interesting which will make them talk about you with their network. As this communication channel is new in the market and there are not many salons using it, this will give you a competitive edge. You can now see your Salon is getting into the list of those salons and businesses who stay in pace with the technological advancements.

Wondering, it will be expensive? Not at all! You can get it at as low as 29 USD/Month. Check the rate card here: Moreover, you don’t need to do any kind of capital investment in your salon in terms of installation or change of landline. The landline texting for salon can be subscribed on monthly basis without any long term contract.

Not sure yet? Then, try 30 days risk free trial account. If you find it will, subscribe to the monthly landline texting service. Call/Text to 1.800.7973167 for more details of the free trial or any other query. Alternatively, drop an email to
29 Aug 2017

Landline Texting Empowers Support Service in 3 Ways

Support Center Landline Texting
Landline texting is getting popular day by day due to its amazing benefits. So many companies have recently text enabled their office and business main line as well as toll free numbers so they can take benefit of SMS to Landline solution. This article will share how you may take benefit of landline texting for offering the best support service.

Set Auto Reply for frequently asked questions
There can be a few common issues which occur due to some minor change at client side. Or there can be some common situations where you need to collect important information from customers. Here, you may take benefit of the Auto Reply feature of Landline Texting. You can set automated response to send possible troubleshooting and issue fixing steps to the customer. Also, the automated response can be used to collect basic and vital information for support process. Furthermore, a receipt message of the received concern always contributes in better customer relationship and a sense of getting attended immediately. Please be noted, this message can be sent using the auto reply feature of business texting.

Handle multiple customers at the same time
Texting is more flexible mode of communication. Here, your customer support executive can respond to more than one customer at the same time while your technical team is working on the issue. This way you can take benefit of increased productivity.

Keep your customers well informed
If your support center doesn’t serve 24*7, then you can take benefit of Holiday SMS feature of landline texting. This feature will allow you to send an automated response to your customer while you are not available. Also, you can pass any important message to help them to fix the issue temporary or connect with some executive, in case of emergency.

These are top 3 utilities of landline texting for customer support service. This usage will help in increasing customer satisfaction as well as revenues of the company. We can share more benefits of landline texting in favor of your business. To learn more, contact us.
22 Aug 2017

Text Enable Your Landline To Take Complete Benefit of Google My Business Messaging Feature

Landline Texting and Google Business Messaging
Google has introduced a new feature called “Google My Business Messaging” in local search. According to this feature, it will let searchers send a text message to your business. Before getting into the details of this topic, one important thing I’d like to grab your attention to: Even Google recognized the value of ‘Texting’ as a mode of communication for businesses. This new feature adds a one more button in the local search result along with: Direction and call. Now, your customers will see ‘Message’. If your business listing is text enabled, your customers can text you. If you don’t know how to add this feature, check this step by step guide for enabling Google My Business Messaging feature:

How To Take Full Advantage of Google My Business Messaging Feature?
Instead of adding a mobile number to receive text messages from your customer, you can subscribe to landline texting service. This service allows you to text enable your landline or toll free number which is listed on Google local map or which you would like to list there. This can be the same number which is available in all other business directories and your marketing collateral.

Why Landline Texting can be more beneficial than a mobile number for this feature?
  • Keep a single point of contact with your landline number
  • Keep personal and professional messages separate
  • Take benefit of advanced texting features available with landline texting such as automated reply, appointment, ITR (Integrated Text Response) system and many more
  • Get clear reports to review messages and usage
  • And much more
It takes only 24-48 hours to text enable your landline number. You don’t need to make any changes at your end. Also, you will get the benefit of ongoing free support service without any extra charges. The monthly subscription rate of business texting solution is affordable to any small business owner as well. Check the rates here

Still unsure? Use 30 day free trial of landline texting, and then take a decision. To book your free trial account or product demo, contact us.
15 Aug 2017

Top 7 Benefits of Landline Texting for Insurance Agencies

Landline Texting Benefits for Insurance Agency USA
Landline texting is gaining popularity among various businesses due to its amazing features. This article talks about the top 7 benefits of landline texting for insurance agencies.

1. Automates Communication
The insurance agencies need to answer commonly asked questions repetitively. The landline texting solution makes this commonly asked question answering automated. How? Well, the landline texting solution offered by Text My Main Number has two advanced messaging features, namely:
  • Auto reply and
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response) system
Both, of these features make texting automated. The customers of the insurance company can send an SMS to Landline of the company to get answers of their queries such as address, directory information, nearest branch, working hours, etc. and the landline texting system will respond the SMS automatically.

2. Makes Communication Faster
The insurance agency might need to send a same message to many insurance holders at the same time. The landline texting solution can be used to group people who are holding same policy (or on any other criteria) and send group message to all of them with a single click by using ‘Send SMS to Group’ feature. This makes communication faster than before.

3. Track Communication/Text Conversation
The landline texting solution provides reports of each texting conversation happened using the platform. One can filter and export responses, too. This makes communication tracking easier and faster compared to texting happened on cell phone in which we need to go through multiple personal and professional messages to find a communication. The landline texting solution ensures to keep professional messages separate and tractable.

4. Improve Staff Productivity
When an insurance agency uses Landline texting solution, the customers can use texting for their queries. Any one executive can respond to these messages and he can respond to multiple people at the same time. This keeps agents and other staff available for other important and productive tasks. This increases the staff productivity by almost 200%.

5. Improved customer Satisfaction
According to the surveys, texting is the preferred mode of communication for a majority of the US audience and specifically, for millennia. The reason is texting is the convenient communication mode. The people don’t need to stay engaged or on call queue for a conversation. Thus, integration of landline texting in the business model can improve customer satisfaction as they will get preferred mode of communication. Plus, they will feel attended promptly.

6. Brand Benefits
The landline texting allows an insurance agency to receive text messages over a landline or toll free number. There are very less insurance agencies in the USA who use this amazing communication channel. This would create buzz and help you to get word of mouth marketing and establish your insurance company as a Brand who adopts advanced solutions and tools.

7. Increased Revenues
As everything, client satisfaction, staff productivity, streamlined communication, marketing, so on and so forth, turns into the right direction, the business starts growing. The insurance agency can increase their revenues remarkably.

The above mentioned 7 benefits for Insurance agencies are key benefits one may leverage from landline texting. There is a wide range of benefits insurance companies can gain by using this advanced mode of communication.

Would like to try a free demo or 30 days free trial? Contact us. Alternatively call/text on 1.800.797.3167.
08 Aug 2017

Hassle Free Landline Texting Is Available To Benefit Businesses

Landline texting for business
People get irritated by getting a call or by staying on call queue! Thus, more and more people prefer texting. Whether you accept or not, but as per the statistics and survey results, more and more people are texting. Why? It is non-interruptive mode of communication and appreciated by many. Moreover, it is easily available in simple mobile phone or Smartphone. That’s why business audience and even common consumers love texting and messaging to convey a message to its vendors, supervisors, clients and other people they interact with.

For businesses, messaging given an interactive way to build customer engagement and loyalty by giving them the mode of communication they prefer.

The most interesting thing is landline texting is easily available without any hassle. The landline texting service allows you to use your landline or toll free number for texting and sending picture messages. Moreover, this SMS to Landline solution comes up with many great features which will empower the communication of your business completely.

As you have been in the business, your business landline number is available at various phone and business directories, business cards and other resources. Moreover, the business landline number is unchangeable even if the staff gets changed. This fact makes landline texting more popular among businesses. Over 250 million businesses are subscribed to landline texting service and the number is increasing rapidly! Small to big brands have realized the power of texting and benefits of the business texting solution which make them adopting this advanced and preferred communication channel.

What are you wondering? The landline texting is expensive! No, not at all! It is cheaper than a large pizza. It starts at 29 USD/Month and you can also ask for a lower package to meet your budget. We, Text My Main Number, offers budget service of business texting to suit needs and budget of our customers.

What’s the problem now? What? Do you think, it must be a whole set of efforts from your end to text enable your landline? No, not at all! It is as simple as filling in a form to give us an Authorization to provision your phone to send and receive messages. You don’t need to make any single change or additional effort. All required hard work will be done by Text My Main Number team!

Still confused? We offer 30 day free trial without any credit card or payment details. Risk free trial just for you! Book your demo account, by dropping an email to

To get more information or answer of your questions, call/text 1.800.797.3167