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Landline Texting: Advanced SMS Solution for Support Centers

landline texting for support
Customer support is one of the most important operations in any business, and this should not be ignored. Companies are currently using advanced tools such as call center software, CRM systems, ticketing solutions, etc. to provide the best customer support to their clients. I’m sure you agree and are also implementing some of these tools with your business. Well, did you know there’s another tool with extreme effectiveness, that many businesses are not yet taking advantage of? Statistics now show that text messaging is the #1 preferred customer support channel in the US.

Let’s understand the importance and benefits of landline texting.

Traditional Process of customer support
  • Customer raises a ticket using the ticketing solution or by callingthe support center
  • If the customer calls, they most likely reach an IVR or wait on hold
  • Customer finally reaches the support department
  • Customer support executives discussthe issue with the client
  • The support engineers work to resolve the issue
During the resolution process, the client and the support engineer call each other to exchange information and updates. At the end of this process, the customer support executive then calls the client,tying both parties to a phone conversation, to provide updatesof the raised issue, and thenupdates the status internally.

Now, let’s have a look at the customer support process with landline texting
  • Customer sends an SMS to raise an issue
  • The text to landline solution sends an automated acknowledgmentmessage to the client and also notifiesthe customer support executive
  • The customer care representative opens a ticket and coordinates with the support engineer to resolve the issue
During the issue resolution process, both the client, and the customer support executive can exchange information and updates via SMS and, or, MMS.No one is tied to a phone call or left on hold. Once the issue is resolved, the customer care representative can easily send an SMS to the client confirming the resolution and, if the SMS tool is not integrated with their internal systems, the executive cansimply cut and paste the text conversation internally.

Value Added benefits of a Text to landline solution for support centers:
  • Customers can use their existing and already advertised main landline or toll free number for texting
  • Convenience of texting
  • Save time
  • Reduce expenses
  • Satisfyclients
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Neither the support executive or client is tied to a phone
  • No long hold times for your clients
There’s no changes needed on your end to use ourlandline texting service. What’s more, you can easily integrate the landline texting solution with your existing system/s usingour API.

Trends are changing and it’s important to adapt to these changes. Start using landline texting for your support center. All you need to do is give us a call or shoot us a text at 1.800.797.3167 and our executives will be happy to guide you further.

Text to Landline: Complete Guide

Text to Landline - Complete Guide
SMS is one of the most used modes of communication. In era of communication modes such as voice and video call, SMS still has its importance and popularity. This fact has kept it alive. Furthermore, according to the survey result, Millennials love texting over all other mode of communication. Also, according to a survey result, SMS is the most used application by the US Smartphone users. This makes it clear that SMS is here to stay for long. To utilize power of texting for business, the technology gifted an advanced texting solution for business, called, Text to Landline.

The text to landline is an advanced texting solution. It text enables landline number for 2-way communication. Any business can use its main line number or toll-free number for texting. Furthermore, the business doesn’t need to make any changes in its landline or service provider. The texting to landline services is available at affordable monthly rates. One may choose the monthly subscription based on his / her usage.

How Text to Landline Works?
  • You need to fill a simple form, called, LOA (Letter of Authorization). Within 24-48 hours, your number will be text enabled.
  • Your service provider will provide you a URL of web based Text to Landline solution along with the login credentials.
The web based application will let you access all messages sent to your text-enabled landline or toll free number. You or your executive can respond to received messages as well as take benefit of a wide array of available features. Our text to landline solution has below mentioned features:
  • Web based SMS solution
  • Remote access
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Messaging (SMS and MMS)
  • Schedule messaging
  • Group texting
  • Mass messaging
  • Keyword based Auto Reply
  • Automated Appointment Scheduling
  • ITR (Integrated Text Response)
  • Signature
  • Contact Management
  • Mobile2Mobile
  • Mobile2Email
  • Reports
  • Multi User Support
  • API Access
  • White Label Solution
  • And many more
Key Benefits of Text to Landline for business are listed below:
  • Prompt response
  • Automate communication
  • Better Resource Utilization
  • Increased productivity
  • Save time
  • Reduced Cost
  • Improved work life balance for staff
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased business
  • Increased Revenues
  • Improved ROI (Return over Investment)
You can experience this advanced texting solution for business and its benefits on your own. All you need to do is book a free demo.

Call / Text: 1.800.7979.3167


Top 5 Benefits of SMS Solution for Your Business

Benefits of SMS Solution for Business
Do you own a business and want to reach more and more people with every passing day? Then, you should definitely implement an SMS solution for your business. If you don’t listen to what your customers are saying, you will find yourself in an unpromising situation. However, if you want to create a solid relationship with your customer, you don’t only have to communicate effectively with them, you have to make sure they feel valued, as well as, heard. This is exactly where an SMS solution comes into play. It is relatively more cost-effective than other marketing methods and is guaranteed to set the right tone for your customers to communicate. Now, let’s see how texting can help your business grow:

1. It’s a direct channel
There is no doubt that SMS is easy to use. You can send real-time or scheduled messages to potential customers informing them about your products and services. What’s more, text messaging has a read rate of about 97% within 15 minutes of delivery! Isn’t that great?

2. Save time
Now, who doesn’t like to save time? This is especially true for businesses where there is a lot of work to finish in time. An SMS solution for businesses has a bulk SMS feature. You’re able to send quick messages to multiple people with a single click. Now, isn’t that something that can help with productivity and time management? To add, there’s an SMS scheduling feature that lets you schedule messages to be sent to your customers at your time of choice.

3. Increase customer engagement
Are you launching a new product? Or, is there a sale going on? With landline texting, you can send notifications, alerts, including reminders, to your customers with ease. This allows you to engage with them in a far better way. Are you aware that your customers actually prefer it? That’s right, studies show that 75% of people like offers sent to them via text(but no more than two per month), including notifications and delivery updates.

4. Monitor, track and improve, with response data
You can write one message and send it to a group of opted in people with contact groups and group messaging. Monitoring delivery rates, identifying customers’ engagement, and tracking meaningful ROI – all these can be done with an SMS solution. Additionally, you can create more in depth targeted campaigns and at the same time build a better understanding of your contact database using these analytics. Texting also helps you target interested customers via other marketing channels.

5. Personalized Communication
Yes, you read it right, SMS can be personalized too! Depending on your clients purchasing behavior or preferred choices, you can choose to send specific messages that are tailored to create further interest and brand recognition.

Landline texting is an advanced and effective SMS Solution for businesses. It is extremely beneficial and convenient, as it enables a business to use its main existing phone number to text with vendors, staff and customers.

What are you waiting for? Get a landing texting solution for your business now and watch your business grow! Get in touch!  

Top 3 Benefits of Using Landline Texting in Customer Support Centers

Top 3 Benefits of Texting for Customer Care - Text My Main Number
For customer support centers, it is extremely important to nurture a good relationship with its customers. Gone are the days when direct phone calls used to work fine. These days, it is landline texting that is catching all the eyeballs. Do you think text message is just a marketing tool? Then you are wrong. In reality, the landline texting service works wonders for customer support. If you don’t want to fall behind, it’s time that you take full advantage of this excellent customer support tool. So what are the benefits that texting to landline solution offers? Read on.

1. Accurate Record Keeping
Well, in this age of marketing, client’s information is extremely important to you, isn’t it? And for this, while collecting a customer’s data, record keeping has become more important than ever. If you make use of landline texting for customer support, you get to record your clients’ details in a more organized way. The texting to landline solution has advanced contact management to keep accurate records of contacts. Furthermore, the communication made using the landline texting will also be available for review. This, in turn, improves the quality of products as well as services. Also, this increases customers’ satisfaction to a great extent.

2. Convenience
There are a number or people out there who wish they could text the customer support center and let them know their problems. The landing texting service not only offers convenience, but also saves a lot of time. In the past, customers had to deal with many unpleasant phone experiences. This is why, there are many people who avoid making calls to customer support service, leading to negative customer interactions when they call customer care at times of necessity. Texting to landline solution, on the other hand, creates some trust in the mind of the customers for your company. They think that this way, they will be least bothered and their problems will be solved. All they need to do is send a simple text.

3. Flexibility
There is no doubt in the fact that compared to phone-based customer service, text to landline service is more flexible. It has the ability to do everything that an email or ticketing system can do and that too in a more personal manner. Here are some ways that you can use landline texting in your customer support center:
  • Allow customers to raise a support request
  • Provide step by step instructions to customers upon request
  • Explain customers about the usage of the product
  • Provide automated replies to common issues
  • Let customers know when the product has been shipped
  • Notify customers after a problem has been solved
  • Schedule callbacks or other service requests
  • Take feedback
These are the most common utilities of landline texting for customer service. Of course, there are dozens more. You can always send a text. In fact, most of the times, this is the easiest solution.

Do you want your customers to feel valued? Do you want them to reach you in an easy way whenever they face any problem and need help? Then start using text to landline solution into your customer support strategy.

Contact us to have a free demo of this powerful communication solution.

Top 3 Benefits of Landline Texting for Recruiters

Top 3 Benefits of Texting for Recruiters - Text My Main Number
As a recruiter, you may already know engaging candidates is quite a great deal. Millennials these days are always on the lookout for jobs that not only match their values, but also make them feel satisfied. Communicating with the millennials is of extreme importance. Do you think you are using the right tool to communicate with them and have you tried texting? Do you know texting is a preferred mode of communication?

Landline texting will not only let you leverage all benefits of texting, but will also bestow some amazing benefits. Text-to-landline provides a simple and effective way to reach candidates in a practical, authentic and fast way. Not convinced yet? Let’s provide some reasons.

1. Easy for recruiters
Landline texting for recruiters is of great help. It is convenient and offers a faster as well as a clearer communication with the candidates. With a texting to landline solution, recruiters don’t need to call the candidates again and again, as they can touch base easily with a quick text and finalize a good time for an interview or meeting.

2. Increased response rate
Want your message to be read? Go for landline texting. It’s almost be guaranteed that your textwill be read, considering SMS has a 98% read rate, with 95% of these texts being read within 3 minutes of being sent. As landline texting is quick, convenient and easy, chances are that you will get a lot of response from job applicants. If reports are accurate, almost 75% of job applicants who are presently employed are considering a job change. Most of them probably cannot take your call because they are at work during business hours. Here comes landline texting to your rescue. With a texting to landline solution, you can communicate with these candidates any time, which would otherwise be quite difficult.

3. Speed advantage
Speed does matter! And this is where landline texting works much better than emails and phone calls. It is true that when it comes to reaching job applicants, calls and emails are still useful. However, landline texting works much faster. Texts are read quickly and in most cases, within the first couple of minutes. In case of emails, they can take days to read if they don’t land in the spam folder. In case of phone calls, there are many people out there who do not take calls from unidentified numbers. So it can be said that both emails and phone calls are not the perfect way to communicate with a candidate. With landline texting, you get to reach qualified applicants quickly whenever there is an opening. After all, that’s what you want as a recruiter, isn’t it? This is exactly where Landline texting service for a Recruitment Company comes into play.

Landline texting is an excellent tool that you definitely want to add to your recruitment strategy. This is helpful for not only the recruiters, but also the job applicants. Landline texting makes sure that the communication between candidates and recruiters works well. It increases the overall effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the recruiting process – right from the start to the end. Do give it a shot and see how landline texting can enhance your recruiting experience. For more details and a free demo, contact us now!

Top Benefits of SMS for Your Business

Top SMS benefits for Business
If you want to grow your business, you need to assure that you take advantage of reliability as well as efficiency that SMS offers. You simply can’t ignore the benefits that text messaging provides. Let’s discuss key advantages of SMS for business:
  • Fast Delivery Text messages are, no doubt, fast. The receiver of your message gets your message within seconds, once you hit the send button. Do you know the average time that the mobile carriers as well as the mobile services take to deliver a message? Well, it’s 7 seconds only!
  • SMS Gets Read The average open rate of email stays between the ranges of 15% to 22%. Also, before anyone sees it, it is more likely to land in the spam folder. On the contrary, the open rate of text messages is strikingly high, that is, almost 98%. Now, that’s impressive! And the best part about texting is that is gets read within 1-3 minutes of receiving them.
  • High Conversion Rate There is a staggeringly high rate of subscriber action with SMS. Whatever your text message is about – be it contests or promotions – people are more likely to take action compared to other promotions or marketing strategies.
  • It’s Available All The Time These days, people can’t live without their mobile phones. According to studies, 91% of all the U.S citizens have their mobile phones with them all the time. Also, out of five, more than two sleep with their phones. In today’s time, all phones come with SMS features. This makes it possible for everyone to receive and read text messages whenever they get it.
  • Flexible platform Do you want to send thousands of text messages to your entire list or send a handful of messages to a targeted group? Landline Texting service is a great option for both. According to the needs of your receivers, you even get to customize your text message campaign. You can send your customers a quick industry update or let them know about the latest discounts – in short, you can make use of SMS for whatever business needs you have.
  • Internet Connection Not Required If you send an email to your customers, they will not get to see it if they don’t have an internet connection at that moment. The case is not the same with text messages. SMS does not require an internet connection. So even if your customers have any internet issue, they will still receive your text message.
A new professional addition to text messages is landline texting. It allows you to receive text messages to a landline number so that you don’t miss out on your customers. Isn’t it great? Landline texting offers you a huge number of benefits. Want to know more about it? Get in touch, today!    

Top 3 Tools to Run Your Small Business Successfully In 2018

Top 3 Small Business Tools - Landline Texting
As a small business owner, you definitely know how important it has become to stay on top of all the latest tools that are available for the success of your business. In order to increase productivity, you need to tailor your business solutions. In the year 2018, set your goal to work smarter, not harder. To help you do so, here are discussed top tools that will assist your small business in reaching heights of success.

1. Landline texting
In order to be successful in 2018, you need to make sure that you use landline texting. Offered by business messaging service providers, it is actually a service that makes your landline or toll-free number text-enabled. This service allows you to receive as well as send text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS) with your landline number. The landline texting service offers a wide range of benefits to small businesses such as increasing your customer satisfaction, managing professional messages in an organized way, using technology to enhance business communication and using the landline to its full potential. Text to landline solution is no doubt great and a must-have tool for your small business in 2018.

2. Accounting software 
In order to make sure that your small business stays on a budget, you need to track all your expenses. In case your accountant works from home, then what you can do is set up a cloud-based system so that they can monitor expenses and provide you budget reports. You can always take help of various online accounting systems. This will let you track your expenses as well as income. Businesses that are in need of a smaller system, can use Zoho Books.

3. Responsive and good-looking websites
In this age of the Internet, it has become extremely important for small businesses to have a good looking and responsive website. After all, it’s your website that your customers will first see. Don’t forget that your website can act as a lead generation tool. All you have to do is make your website designed attractively. You can have landing pages that speak to a specific audience directly and chat-bots that can answer the questions of your customers. Making a website responsive means designing it in such a way that it will show up differently on different devices. This will let your customers interact seamlessly with your website on a desktop, tablet or different phones. On the other hand, if your website is not responsive, it will increase the bounce rate, thereby reducing your customers.

In conclusion, it can be said that communication with your customers is the key to the success of your small business. For this, the best thing you can do is make use of texting for business. This will let you stay connected with your customers in a quick and easy way. If you want to know more details about landline texting, then give us a call at 1.800.797.3167.  

How to Handle Business Communication during the Holidays?

Handle business communication in holidays with landline texting
Holiday season has started and there will come a time when you don’t have enough staff to attend customer calls and messages. Also, there comes a time when you go for holidays, which means probably nobody to respond customers. Well! Business can’t shut down completely. Also, you don’t need to give up your holiday mood. You can handle business communication during the holidays with a landline texting solution. Yes, the landline texting solution can assist in taking care of your incoming message in multiple ways.

Let’s see how it will assist you to handle communication during holidays:

Use Scheduled Auto Reply Feature
The landline texting solution comes with a feature called Auto Reply, which respond to the incoming messages automatically based on the keywords in the SMS. You can set this “Auto Reply” feature for all incoming messages. Furthermore, the advanced landline texting solution such as, one provided by Text My Main Number allows you to set the specific day(s) and hour(s) during which you want to use this feature. It means you can specifically mention for what days of the week or hours of the day, you want the auto response get into action. This will ensure to respond to each incoming message when you and your staff are not available.

Use Forward to Phone Feature
The landline texting service text enables the business main line and that is the number used for messaging. Still, you can receive these messages over your mobile number. This will ensure to receive each SMS even when you are not in the office by your landline.

Use Forward to Email Feature
If you want to make sure the messages reach you or an executive even when you are not available. You can enable “Forward to Email”. This feature will forward each SMS to the predefined email address.

Respond Remotely
The landline texting aka SMS to Landline solution is a web based solution which can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It means you don’t need to stay by your landline to take care of messages. You can manage it remotely using the web application. It means if you want to ensure each message is taken care of manually or at least reviewed by you/your staff, this is possible even when you are closed during holidays.

Use Bulk Messaging Feature
It is always good to keep your customers informed about nonworking days due to holidays. You can send bulk messages to each client to inform about holiday off. You can take benefit of the group message feature to send personalized message according to a group.

These are different ways to handle communication professionally during holidays. We can assist you in text-enabling your landline and using the landline texting solution at its best. For more details, contact us!

Landline Texting to Make Your Landline Smarter

Smart Landline - Landline Texting
Email and phone communication were very effective earlier, but, with a change in lifestyle and preference, the people have changed their preferred mode of communication as well. According to a survey result, 64% of consumers prefer a business that offers texting for communication.  Don’t you think you should let your customers contact you the way they want to? You can not only allow them to use texting as a mode of communication, but also make your landline smarter to use it for texting.

Wondering, how?

With Landline Texting Service!

The landline texting is a technological advancement, which allows you to use your landline in a smarter way. You can text enable your landline or toll free number to send and receive SMS and MMS. Once your line is text enabled, you and your customers can enjoy texting 24*7. You will be empowered to communicate with your customers via SMS from the phone numbers your customers know, your main landline or toll free number.

The landline texting can be used remotely with its web based solution, so no barriers in the communication. This is not it. The landline texting solution comes with a range of business features which can be used in favor of your business.

Key features of SMS to Landline aka Landline texting solution are listed below:
  • Contact management
  • Contact grouping
  • Auto Reply
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Mass messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Schedule messaging
  • Message templates
  • Multiple users
  • Custom signature
  • Reports
Text My Main Number is leading business messaging service provider and can help you in the process of making your landline smarter. Contact us to get a free demo and a risk free trial account.

Top 3 Benefits of Landline Texting for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Top 3 landline texting benefits hospitals
Landline texting benefits all industry verticals and healthcare industry is not left behind. There are many hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities which are getting benefited by the landline texting service for the healthcare industry.

This article shares top 3 benefits of the landline texting solution for hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities:

1. Automates healthcare appointment scheduling process
The process of setting up an appointment consumes considerable amount of time and can be a tedious process. Of course, there is a possibility of using the mobile or web applications, but it would be expensive as it needs capital investment. On the contrary, the hospitals can use ‘Appointment Scheduling’ feature available in the SMS to Landline solution which makes appointment scheduling easier, faster and automated. A patient needs to send a predefined message to check available appointment slots and with another SMS, he can book an appointment on his preferred timeslot. The system will also update the appointment calendar so the doctor can get an update about the scheduled appointment.

2. Decreases no show-up ratio
The landline texting solution has features which can be used to send automated reminder message to patients about their appointment. This ensures that the patients remember their appointment and come on time, which will decrease no show-up ratio dramatically to benefit the hospital and the medical facility.

3. Reduces communication time on the phone to increase productivity
The hospital staff gets tied up in answering queries of the patients. Generally, the queries are commonly asked questions. The landline texting service comes up with features which remove the human interaction and automate process of answering commonly asked questions. There is a specific feature in the SMS to Landline solution, namely, “Group Message”. This feature allows you to create a group of contacts and send an SMS in one go to all people in that group. This saves a lot of time by removing the process of calling or texting individual patients.

The landline texting solution has many more features to empower any hospital in a way that it can improve revenues and strengthen its communication. Check below video for a quick understanding of more benefits bestowed by the landline texting service to a hospital or a medical facility:

We offer affordable landline texting service and you can experience it with a free trial of the enterprise package. To get your free trial, contact us now!